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University Research Park

5141 California Avenue, Suite 250

Irvine, California   USA  92617

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Full Resolution RGB + IR Image Capture for 2D/3D


We founded icClarity, Inc. in May of 2014 based on growing demand for full-rate, full resolution 3D and color image capture that is unburdened by power hungry computations needed to resolve the correspondence issue associated with existing multi-sensor 3D systems today.  Our solution includes a single imager, an illumination source and an efficient firmware stack that processes the raw sensor data  to deliver usable 3D coordinates to an application layer via a user-friendly API. 

The patented icClarity, Inc. solution will enable a host of 3D computer vision applications spanning the range from Security & Surveillance to Automotive, Gaming, Webcams, Medical and Smartphones.  We are now in the final stages of producing our first, mass-production device and expect to be shipping later this year.  Please visit this site for updates as we progress through the year.